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    Bands - We have run sound for some of the best acts in New Mexico music, Gonzalo, El Gringo, Severo y Grupo Fuego, Dawn Luz Padilla, Carlos Medina, Los Garapatas, Tanya Griego, Black Pearl, the Dwayne Ortega Band, Sangre Joven,  and many many more. 

    Speakers – Our FOH sound is JBL Speakers with QSC and Crown power amps. Depending on the venue or if the event is outside will determine what we will bring, from two JBL tops and a single 18 inch sub for smaller venues to Four JBL tops and four 18 inch subs  for larger venues (two jbl 18 inch subs and a dual 18 peavy black widow sub). Our monitor system consist of three powered 15 inch speakers for the front of the stage and a powered sub and 15 inch top for the drummer. All four mixes are individual and we can also provide three IEM systems as well, 

    ( you will need to provide your own ear buds)

    Mixer and Mics - Our current mixer we are using is the berhinger XR18 complete digital format. Our mic locker is great with a Sennheiser wireless mic, Shure wireless mic, AKG wired vocals mics, audix drum mics, 57 and utility mics we can cover just about any instrument.

    Artist, Bands and Events



    Sacred Heart -2012-2018

    Holy Rosary Fiesta - 2018-2018

    San Ignacio Fiesta

    Belen Mantanza 2019


    N.M. music at it's finest

    Split Decision

    Albuquerque's classic rock band 

    On Tap

    Variety rock dance band 


    Al Hurricane Jr, Str8 Shot, Sangre Joven, Dwayne Ortega Band, Dawn Luz Padilla, Black Pearl, Ernestine Romero, Jagg, The Shysters, Carlos Medina, AJ and Taralynn Martenize. Severo Y Grupo Fuego.



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